As a woman in your 20s, you likely have a lot going on. You may be finishing school or starting your career, bonding with friends and creating deeper family relationships, or considering having children. It can be easy to focus on anything but your health at this time in your life. Even still, how you care for your body now can affect your health into the future.

Have You Scheduled Your Well-Woman Visit

Continuing to build healthy habits like eating well, exercising, and sleep are vital in your 20s. Another important aspect of your health at this time is continuing annual well-woman visits with an OB/GYN. This ensures you are keeping up with necessary reproductive health screenings, and provides a time to discuss fertility questions or concerns and family planning options.

A woman’s 20s are a transitional time, and that can bring emotional changes. You may experience social pressures, an overloaded schedule and increased stress levels along with subtle natural hormonal changes. These are normal feelings that will likely go away over time.

However, symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions should not be ignored. If you’re experiencing signs of a mental health condition, Baptist Health’s specialists can help find the treatment option that’s right for you.

Resources for Growing Your Family

If you are expecting, Baptist Health offers several resources to help you through your pregnancy and delivery. Read more about pregnancy & childbirth, or sign up for one of our virtual maternity classes to prepare. 

You can also visit one of our Pregnancy Wellness Centers located in Little Rock and North Little Rock. They are staffed with registered nurses, certified lactation consultants and child safety technicians who work to provide services to sustain mom and baby’s health before, during, and after delivery. 

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