Baptist Health Extended Care Hospital

Baptist Health Extended Care Hospital Baptist Health Extended Care Hospital, a state-ofthe-art facility located on the campus of Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock, provides long term acute care to patients with complex medical conditions.

We offer a caring atmosphere where family involvement is supported and visitation is encouraged. With a dedicated staff of professionals, we provide interdisciplinary care for unique needs.

Our interdisciplinary team works with the patient, their family and community providers to develop a discharge plan that enables each patient’s return to daily living at the highest possible capacity.

Why choose Baptist Health Extended Care Hospital over others?

  • We have access to over 500 doctors in more than 50 specialties.
  • We have a high observation unit that is equipped to handle emergency situations.
  • We have safety cameras in all patient rooms that will alarm at the nurse station if a patient who is at a greater risk of falling attempts to get out of bed.
  • Access to physical, occupational and speech therapists.
  • Dedicated therapy gym for extended care patients.
  • Dedicated pharmacy department to provide prescription management and monitoring.
  • Dedicated respiratory department.

To refer a patient, a family member or case manager may call 501-202-1092 or fax patient info to 501-202-6311.

Frequently asked questions about long-term acute care

What is a long-term acute care hospital?

A long-term acute care hospital or LTACH is a special hospital licensed to provide acute care services to patients that require an extended length of stay, usually 20 to 30 days. Patients are expected to recover and discharge to home or another setting with lower levels of care needed.

What is the difference between LTACH services and skilled nursing and rehabilitation care?

LTACHs provide daily physician visits, an acute care environment with specially trained nurses and therapists, and access to continuing diagnostic and treatment procedures.

Are LTACH services covered by Medicare or other private insurance?

As with any hospital care, patients must meet certain criteria. Our pre-screening staff assess all patients for criteria. If the admission criteria is met, Medicare and most insurances will approve the necessary stay.

What sets Baptist Health Extended Care Hospital apart?

We’re the largest long-term extended care hospital in Arkansas. We’re licensed for 73 beds, including 34 ICU beds and 16 med-surg beds. We’re ranked top 10 in the nation for patient acuity, per CMS MedPar data.


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