Hospital Registration & Admission

Hospital Registration Information

When you arrive at the hospital, check in with the department providing your service. To check-in, enter through the main entrance at the hospital where your procedure will be performed. Please have the information below ready in order to complete your hospital registration and admission paperwork.

After checking in, you will be directed to the appropriate location. If you need care after hours or are experiencing a medical emergency, check-in at the Emergency Department.

If you’re delivering a baby at Baptist Health, minimize the paperwork the day you go to the hospital and pre-register through our patient portal, MyChart.


Once you arrive at Baptist Health, you or a family member will need to provide a few pieces of information to complete the hospital registration and admission process, including:

  • Your Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Nearest Relative
  • A Copy of Your Insurance Care
  • Your Insurance Policy Information

If you aren’t able to provide all of the above upon your arrival, you or a family member will need to visit the admissions department within the hospital as you are able. There, you’ll be asked to provide the remainder of the required information.

Hospital Charges & Negotiated Rates

For information about hospital charges and negotiated rates with insurance payers, click here.


The power to pre-register for your labor and delivery stay, access medical records, pay your bills and more is right at your fingertips through MyChart.