Hospital Charges & Negotiated Rates

Thank you for choosing Baptist Health for your healthcare needs. It is our goal to provide you with the best possible healthcare experience and to provide you with information that helps you make informed decisions about your care.

Baptist Health provides a list of charges and negotiated rates for medications, procedures, supplies, and more. The total cost (patient responsibility) may vary, depending on insurance benefits. Insurance benefit information is provided by your insurance company.

The hospital charges do not include charges that you may incur from other members of your healthcare team that participate in your care. These charges may include your own physician or other physicians, such as a radiologist, cardiologist, anesthesiologist, surgeon or pathologist.

Please contact the Financial Counselors for questions.

Guest Estimates

As part of Baptist Health’s continued commitment to improving our price transparency for patients and consumers, we are pleased to provide an estimated cost which will help you plan for health services at Baptist Health. You can create an estimate for certain services by entering your benefit information. You will need to manually enter your insurance information and benefits using this option.

Hospital Charges & Negotiated Rates

The hospital charges and negotiated rates include CPTs, DRGs, Medications, Procedures, and Supplies.


These charges include unique codes assigned to identify services and procedures (tests).


A diagnosis-related group is a patient classification based on an inpatient stay and covers charges from the time of admission to discharge. Historical data has been pulled to show an average for a given DRG. The reimbursement can change based on certain factors, including length of stay, complexity (severity of the case) and other existing conditions.


These charges include pharmaceuticals (drugs) administered during your hospital visit.


These charges include medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures (tests).


These are items used to support other services received, such as procedures (tests). Supply charges are not currently listed due to file size restrictions with the website. Options are being explored to resolve this limitation.