Below is a message regarding potential network disruption for patients with Cigna and UnitedHealthcare insurance

October 16, 2023

As of the date of this communication, Baptist Health does not have a 2024 contract with Cigna’s commercial insurance plans or UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Advantage and commercial insurance plans.  Negotiations are ongoing, but we feel it is appropriate to advise our community that we do not have a contract for 2024 and are unsure if we will reach an agreement prior to January 1st

We have included a link below to a communication that was mailed to Baptist Health’s Medicare patient population.  

Potential network changes should not affect the ability of State retirees participating in UnitedHealthCare’s Group Medicare Advantage PPO plan to receive services at Baptist Health.  Please refer to your plan document for any questions.

Please check back for updates on our website.


Baptist Health

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