Medical Records

How do I get a copy of my medical records?

Baptist Health provides patients with several ways to request medical records:

MyChart Portal

The MyChart portal offers patients the ability to securely view and print/download portions of their medical records, such as physician notes and diagnostic testing results. The content currently includes most clinical notes and test results. The use of the MyChart portal is FREE. Your information is securely stored on MyChart indefinitely.

The Share Everywhere feature within MyChart is accessible from the main menu and can be used to generate a temporary token. This will allow you to share the test results, visit notes, medications, and more, with physicians outside the Baptist Health system.

Many visit types automatically generate an Excuse Letter with the After Visit Summary.  These letters provide proof of services without disclosing clinical information and can be used for work, school, court appearances, etc.

Datavant Patient Portal 

Baptist Health contracts with Datavant to fulfill requests for medical records. This secure portal allows patients to request all or part of a medical record and it can be delivered electronically or through the US Postal Service.  You must be able to capture or upload your photo ID as part of the request.  Click the link below to get started.

Datavant will determine if the request is valid and will reach out to the patient with any questions or concerns. Notification that the request is complete will be sent by email.

Medical Records

Visit or Call a Hospital

The Health Information Management Department (aka Medical Records Department) can assist you with obtaining a copy of your record.  Please be ready to provide photo ID when requesting records.

Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock
(501) 202-1914 phone    (205) 588-5723 fax

Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute

(501) 202-1914 phone    (404) 418-7037 fax

Baptist Health Medical Center-North Little Rock
(501) 202-3081 phone    (205) 588-5723 fax

Baptist Health Medical Center–Conway
(501) 585-2016 phone  (205) 588-5723 fax

Baptist Health-Fort Smith:
(479) 441-4050 phone    (205) 588-5723 fax

Baptist Health Medical Center-Arkadelphia

(870) 245-1120 phone    (205) 588-5723 fax

Baptist Health Medical Center-Heber Springs

(501) 887-3282 phone    (205) 588-5723 fax

Baptist Health Medical Center-Hot Spring County
(501) 332-7379 phone    (205) 588-5723 fax

Baptist Health Medical Center-Stuttgart
(870) 674-6487 phone    (205) 588-5723 fax

Baptist Health-Van Buren
(479) 471-4377 phone    (205) 588-5723 fax

The Health Information Management Department will verify the patient’s identity and ask the patient to complete a form.  Baptist Health does not accept electronic or DocuSign signatures. 

Receiving Records by Email

One option for the electronic format is unsecured email.  The total file size must be less than 8MB.  Only text documents are eligible for email.  Image files (pictures, X-ray images, etc.) are too large and must be provided on CD.

When requesting/receiving records by unsecured email, patients should be aware of the following potential risks:

  • The information may be obtained by someone else.
  • The information can be opened and read by someone else.
  • Unencrypted information does not provide any assurance of privacy or security.

Fees for Medical Records

The fee schedule can be found here. Patients can call any hospital or clinic to determine if the needed information is stored electronically or on paper.

The use of MyChart portal is FREE.  See the information above.

Notice of Privacy Practices

For information on the privacy practices used by Baptist Health to protect individuals’ medical records and other protected health information, please click here.

Interoperability Guide-Connecting with 3rd Party Applications via FHIR

Patients of providers that use Epic software are able to connect third-party applications (apps) to retrieve parts of their health record for their own personal use. Examples of data that can be pulled into an app include lab results, allergies, medications, and immunization history. Please click here for instructions on how to complete this functionality.