Considering Pregnancy

A healthy, happy pregnancy begins before conception, and at Baptist Health, we offer you the resources you need to prepare to conceive and carry your baby. If you’re considering trying to conceive and would like to discuss pregnancy with an expert, request a preconception check-up with one of our OB/GYNs.

Preparing for Pregnancy

Deciding to have a baby is an exciting time in anyone’s life. There is much to consider and even more to learn in order to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Nutrition, exercise and budgeting will play a role in helping you feel as prepared as possible to grow your family.

It’s also good to be aware of the early signs of pregnancy so that you can be sure you and your baby are well taken care of from the beginning. For most women, the first sign of pregnancy is missing a period. Some women also experience increased urination, swollen or sore breasts, fatigue and nausea. Read the 10 Most Common Signs of Early Pregnancy to learn more. 

Why You Need a Checkup Before Trying to Get Pregnant

Scheduling a preconception checkup is the best way to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Your OB/GYN will make sure you’re healthy enough to conceive and have a safe pregnancy. They will also discuss a plan to get off any birth control, guide you in choosing a prenatal vitamin and discuss your family’s health history. Learn more about why preconception checkups are important

If you have questions about our pregnancy and childbirth resources or need help requesting an appointment with a provider, please call Baptist Health Healthline at (888) 227-8478.