Congratulations! You’re Pregnant

From the moment you find out you’re expecting until the day you give birth, Baptist Health offers you the resources you need to have a healthy, happy pregnancy. Find out why more mothers choose to deliver their babies at Baptist Health than any health system in the state by requesting an appointment with one of our expert OB/GYNs.

Preparing for Baby

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Classes & Educational Resources
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Classes & Educational Resources

Baptist Health offers monthly classes focused on topics such as pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. We also offer sibling classes for future big brothers and sisters!

View a complete list of our classes. If you have questions about our parent and childbirth education classes, please contact the Baptist Health Women’s Center Education office at (501) 202-1717.

Hospital Tours

Baptist Health offers free, guided tours of the labor and delivery unit whether that be in person or virtually. A tour allows you to become more familiar and comfortable with the labor/delivery/recovery (LDR) rooms, while also giving you an opportunity to map out where to park and check-in when you arrive at the hospital. You can view one of our available virtual tours from the comfort of your own home here. If you are interested in an in-person experience, all of our hospitals ask that you schedule your tour before coming to the hospital except Baptist Health-Arkadelphia, where you are welcome to take a tour after a prenatal appointment if a room is available.

To schedule your tour at each of our facilities, you may call the following numbers:

Pre-register for Labor and Delivery

Pre-registration for Labor and Delivery will speed up your hospital admission by collecting medical history and insurance information in advance. In order to better serve you, we ask that you pre-register several weeks prior to your due date. Pre-registration packets may be picked up at your doctor’s office or you can pre-register online.

If you have questions about our pregnancy and childbirth resources, how to pre-register for Labor and Delivery, or need help requesting an appointment with a provider, please call Baptist Health Healthline at (888) 227-8478.