It’s Time To Deliver!

At Baptist Health, we are fully committed to helping expectant parents safely and comfortably welcome their newborns into the world. From our highly qualified physicians and staff to our extensive safety measures, we are prepared to care for you and your family through every step of your birth process. 

Your Hospital Arrival

Once you arrive at Baptist Health for delivery, you’ll answer a few quick questions about your condition at the admissions desk, and then be escorted to your room.

At some Baptist Health hospitals, you’ll be placed in a Labor/Delivery/Recovery (LDR) room, which allows you to stay in the same room during labor and delivery, as well as while recovering from childbirth. LDR room facilities were created with your comfort in mind and feature a warm, home-like atmosphere with cable TV and sleeping accommodations for your partner. Some are even equipped with therapeutic tubs to ease labor discomfort. 

Get familiar with our Labor & Delivery experience before your delivery by following along on a virtual tour for your location!

After Childbirth

From the moment your child is born up until you are discharged from one of our facilities, our expert staff will be there to ensure you have a happy, healthy experience. Learn more about the different screenings your baby will receive and our dedication to safety using HALO Sleep Sacks.

If you have questions about our pregnancy and childbirth resources, how to pre-register for Labor and Delivery, or need help requesting an appointment with a provider, please call Baptist Health Healthline at (888) 227-8478. 

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