Understanding Your Body & Mind

From school, sports and other activities to spending time with friends and family, your teen has a lot going on. Their health may not be their top priority, but building healthy habits is vital for their growth and development. Regular exercise, a healthy diet of whole foods, plenty of sleep and regular medical checkups are all important pieces of the puzzle for your teen’s optimal health.

Finding a Gynecologist

Teenagers experience many physical changes as they enter puberty and begin menstruating. This often happens around age 12 or 13, but can start earlier or later. A gynecologist can help your teen understand the changes they’re experiencing and allow them to speak openly about their reproductive health options. Now is the time to begin annual gynecological appointments for regular screenings and vaccinations for your teen.

Gaining Control Of Emotional Changes

Teenagers often experience emotional changes during this time as well. Surges of hormones during puberty can lead to moodiness for many teen girls, particularly in the time right before their periods. Mood swings are perfectly normal as teens mature.

However, if extreme mood swings persist or your teen is having trouble dealing with them, support is available at Baptist Health. Schedule an appointment with a caring and knowledgeable provider who will help you and your family determine the best treatment option for your teen.

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