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Stop Heart Attacks Before They Start

Early Heart Attack Care (EHAC®) education promotes awareness that heart attacks have beginnings. Baptist Health works closely with the American College of Cardiology’s CardioSmart program to help educate Arkansans about

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Treatment & Wellbeing

A 5-Step Guide for Those Recently Diagnosed with Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is scary, and understanding the treatments can be confusing. Responding proactively after a cancer diagnosis is critical because it comes with changes that affect patients and their families.

Taking the time to prepare can help cancer patients better understand and navigate the complexities of the journey ahead effectively. Here’s a simplified five-step guide from the UAMS Baptist Health Cancer Clinic experts for patients recently diagnosed with cancer

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Safety & Prevention

Back-to-School: Everything You Need to Know About Vaccinations

The new school year is fast approaching and kids around the country are getting their supply lists for the classroom. One item not on their list – but that should be a top priority – is an updated vaccination record. Learn more about vaccination records and find a Baptist Health pediatrician near you today.

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