Visiting a Patient

Simplify “Stopping By”

Plan your visit to Baptist Health – from when you’ll go to where you’ll park to what you’ll eat while you’re there.

Visitor Information

All Baptist Health Medical Centers have designated parking for both patients and visitors. Find out the best place for you to park during your time at Baptist Health.

Visiting Hours
The best time to see a friend or family member in the hospital depends on the Baptist Health location and unit your loved one is staying in. Find out the visiting hours for the location you plan to visit.

Baptist Health Medical Centers offer free WiFi to patients and visitors. Simply connect to the network below to log in.

Network: BHguest

Email a Patient

Send a pick-me-up to a friend or family member staying at Baptist Health through our Email a Patient service. Simply choose a card from a wide array of messages, and one of our volunteers will print and deliver the card to their room.

Gift Shop Locations

Pick up a gift for a friend or family member on your way to visit them from any of the conveniently-located gift shops within our Baptist Health Medical Centers.

Dining Options

From cafeteria-style meals to delis to coffee shops, Baptist Health Medical Centers offer visitors an array of dining options.

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