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Why You Need a Checkup Before Trying to Get Pregnant

Lydia Carter BSN, RNC-MNN ARN III You know your physician will play an important role in advising you as you carry your baby, but an OB/GYN can also help you make the right choices before you get pregnant (preconception) to set you up for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Read on for the top four reasons you should schedule a preconception checkup before you start trying to have a baby.

Evaluate your health.

To take amazing care of your baby, you must first take care of yourself. A thorough examination can help determine if you’re healthy enough to carry a baby and identify any health issues that may need to be addressed before you get pregnant.

Learn how you can prepare your body for pregnancy.

From what you should eat to how much you should exercise to what prenatal vitamins you should take, your OB/GYN can evaluate your lifestyle and give practical advice about how you can make the best choices for your baby even before you conceive.

Discuss family health history.

Your OB/GYN can help identify any potential disorders your child may be susceptible to, and help you decide if conceiving naturally is the best choice for your family. You and your partner can also get genetic carrier screenings to determine the likelihood of your child being born with a genetic disorder.

Make a plan to get off your birth control.

Stopping your birth control medicine may come with some side effects, and your OB/GYN can prepare you for those. Your physician can also help you create a timeline on when you should begin ovulating again after you stop birth control, and when you should be able to get pregnant. A healthy pregnancy begins before conception, and at Baptist Health, our expert physicians are committed to supporting you as you prepare to conceive. If you would like to schedule a preconception appointment, request an appointment with a Baptist Health OB/GYN.