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Baptist Health’s services for breast health play an essential role in a woman’s overall wellness. Our knowledgeable team offers a comprehensive array of both preventive services and treatments to help you get and stay healthy.

1 in 8 Can't Wait

Because breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women in the U.S., Baptist Health has developed a comprehensive program of services for breast health. Hear from Baptist Health’s Dr. Kay Chandler on breast cancer awareness and the importance of mammograms.


Mammography is the most accurate method of detecting breast cancer today. Baptist Health providers diligently work to spread the awareness of mammography effectiveness to the women of Arkansas. Women who do follow a regimen of monthly breast self-exams, annual exams by their doctors, and yearly mammograms after age 40 can increase their breast cancer survival rates by up to 97 percent.

Why Choose Baptist Health for a Mammogram

  • Experienced radiologists on-site 
  • Advanced 3D Mammography 
  • 24-hour Mammography results available through Baptist Health MyChart
  • Invenia ABUS 2.0 (Automated Breast Ultrasound System)
  • Radiology reads are done on-site by local physicians
  • Nurse navigators are available if a cancer diagnosis is made to aid in the patient’s journey and process.
  • The Baptist Health Breast Centers in Little Rock and North Little Rock have been designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology (ACR). 

3D mammography is a leading technology that offers significant advantages to our patients. The images taken can be enhanced, magnified, or optimized for further evaluation. The more precise images of breast masses make it easier for our doctors to detect breast cancer. The images produced by the 3D mammogram are also available immediately and can be transmitted instantaneously to a physician’s office or other facilities.

We have several locations across the state to receive your yearly mammogram. Those include Little Rock, North Little Rock, Fort Smith, Conway, Heber Springs, Benton, Malvern, Arkadelphia, and Stuttgart.

Baptist Health also has a variety of online resources to help educate you on all of your breast health needs. Visit the BHealthy blog for more!

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