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A Pregnancy Wellness Guide for New and Expectant Mothers

Whether you’re a first-time or experienced mom, adding to your family can sometimes feel overwhelming without the right resources. That’s why the Baptist Health Pregnancy Wellness Center works to provide services to sustain mom and baby’s health before, during, and after delivery through education and resources.  Our team of registered nurses, certified lactation consultants, and child safety technicians are available to assist you in your journey in one convenient location. We look forward to caring for you and your baby while offering support every step of the way.

Free Pregnancy Testing

Baptist Health Pregnancy Wellness Center offers confidential pregnancy testing free of charge. No matter the result of your test, our nurses are available to answer any questions you may have as you navigate through the options of your pregnancy.

Medicaid Referrals

A Medicaid referral letter will be provided on-site to expectant moms who wish to obtain pregnancy Medicaid and early prenatal care access.

Safe Sleep Assessment

Where will your baby sleep after they are born? This is a critical question that we ask every participant who visits the Baptist Health Pregnancy Wellness Center. During this assessment, our staff will educate you on the best practices for keeping your baby safe in their sleep environment一 this can be identified as a crib, bassinet, or a pack-n-play. If unable to provide a safe sleep environment for your baby, a pack-n-play is available to participants while supplies last. 

Pregnancy Wellness Center Stores

The Pregnancy Wellness Center store provides baby essentials to participants enrolled in our incentive program. This program rewards low-income and expectant mothers with coupons when they receive prenatal care, well-baby care, immunizations, or attend programs hosted by the center. The coupons can be redeemed at the Pregnancy Wellness Center in Little Rock and Heaven’s Loft in North Little Rock.

Car Seat Installation

When installed properly, a car seat can significantly reduce the risk of fatal injury for both infants and toddlers. That is why we offer a professional car seat installation from a certified child passenger safety technician. During the installation, you will be educated on the car seat’s proper use and features specific to your seat model. All car seats are patient supplied. If you do not have a car seat but are enrolled in the Pregnancy Wellness Center’s incentive program, contact Community Outreach at Baptist Health for product availability.

Safety Baby Shower

The Safety Baby Shower is a program designed to educate expectant and new mothers on the best practices to protect their babies. The course is 75 minutes long and is presented much like a typical baby shower, complete with cake, decorations, refreshments, and games. Safety topics for discussion during the baby shower include but are not limited to safe sleep practices, unintentional injury prevention, and burn protection. Due to COVID-19, Safety Baby Showers are currently being held virtually. We hope to return to in-person showers as soon as it is safe. 

Prenatal Screenings

The Baptist Health Pregnancy Wellness Center offers regular prenatal visits to ensure the best possible health for your baby. During the prenatal screenings, a registered nurse will monitor your weight and blood pressure. A nurse will also be available to address any concerns about specific tests that you may have.

Newborn Assessments

A physical assessment is an essential part of newborn care. In addition to evaluating your baby’s height, weight, and head circumference, the Baptist Health Pregnancy Wellness Center will also provide information on immunization scheduling and nutrition education. 

Breastfeeding Assessments

We offer breastfeeding moms a wide range of lactation support services through the Baptist Health Pregnancy Wellness Center. Our registered nurses are available to help you find a breast pump, remedy issues with attachment, improve your technique and position, and more. 

CPR Classes

CPR is a life-saving technique that every parent should know how to perform in case of an emergency. The CPR family and friend’s class at the Baptist Health Pregnancy Wellness Center teaches new parents the correct way to administer chest compressions and perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. 

Translation Services

When there is a language barrier between caregivers and patients, it may be challenging to develop an appropriate care plan. That’s why at the Baptist Health Pregnancy Wellness Center, we provide an onsite medical translator. By bridging the communication gap, we can ensure that patients who do not speak the native language receive the same professional care and treatment available to those who do.  For information on the resources and services available to new and expectant mothers, call the Baptist Health Pregnancy Wellness Center at 501-202-1540 or learn more online.