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Springtime Activities to Do with Your Grandchildren

Spring is finally here, and its longer days and pleasant temperatures present the perfect opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities with your grandchildren. Here are some ideas below to bond with the youngsters in your life while encouraging healthy habits.

Have a picnic.

Pack up an old-fashioned picnic and trek to your local park or stay in your own backyard to enjoy a delicious lunch and some sunshine. Bring your grandchild’s healthy favorites along with a treat or two. Sandwiches on whole-grain bread, cut-up veggies and fruit and homemade chocolate chip cookies are all easy to make and kid-approved.

Go on a nature walk.

Arkansas is full of beautiful trails for all ages and activity levels. Try the paved King Fisher Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park for an easy walk, or head out to Cedar Falls at Petit Jean State Park for a more challenging hike.

Bird watch.

Pick up a copy of an Arkansas bird guide from your local book store and some binoculars, then go to a nearby park with plenty of trees. As birds perch in the trees around you, flip through the guide with your grandchild to identify your new feathered friends.

Garden together.

Go to the local hardware store and pick up some flowers, a tree or some vegetables to plant in your yard. You and your grandchild can enjoy watching the fruits of your labor grow for months, or even years!

Share hobbies.

Share one of your favorite hobbies with your grandchild, and show an interest in theirs as well. You both could discover a new activity you enjoy, and learn more about each other in the process.

At Baptist Health, we’re invested in our communities for generations to come, and we’re committed to equipping you with the grandparenting resources you need.  For more ideas on how to keep your grandchildren happy and healthy, explore more topics on kids and parenting in our BHealthy blog!