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Heavy and Improperly Worn Backpacks Can Have Adverse Effects on Students!

It’s time for most kids to head back to school –– and one thing nearly all of them will be taking with them is a backpack.

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Why Immunization is the Best Prevention

People of all ages can benefit from immunization, but it is often the vaccination of children—or lack thereof—that determines the course of preventable diseases. Because immunizations prevent an estimated two to three million deaths every year, your child’s vaccinations are small but significant steps toward a healthier world.

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Family Fun Across Arkansas

When your kids are home for the summer, it’s only a matter of time before they grow bored with hanging around the house all day. Add some adventure to your summer days by taking family trips around Arkansas. Each region of the state offers unique attractions that are sure to keep your family entertained and active.

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A Guide for Your First Trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy is exciting, full of questions – and for many women – a little overwhelming. Those who have never had a baby don’t know what to expect, and women who have often experience different symptoms than before.

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5 Kid-Approved Healthy Summer Recipes

Children are more likely to gain weight during the summer compared to school months, and increased amounts of sugary, calorie-laden treats are often to blame. Instead of traditional snacks and quick meals, try whipping up one of these kid-approved, healthy recipes below!

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