Your life is an amazing journey, and our purpose is to guide you to health, heal you from sickness or injury, support your recovery and celebrate health in all forms. Here you'll find healthy resources, tips and inspiring stories so you can continue to be amazing.

A Simple Way to Keep the Flu Away

The flu can make people of any age sick. Although most people are sick with the flu for only a few days, some have a much more serious illness. Getting a flu shot is the best way to avoid getting sick. Read more about flu shot facts.

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2018’s Most Popular Diets (And the Plan You Need to Try)

The start of a new year brings the start of a new diet for many Arkansans – and there are countless options to choose from. Here are a few of the fad diets you’ll hear most about in 2018 – and the way you should eat for your most nutritious year yet. 

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Introducing Mako Joint Replacement Surgery, Exclusively at Baptist Health

The future of joint replacement surgery is available exclusively at Baptist Health, and it can make your hip or knee pain history. Allow us to introduce you to the Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System. The system offers procedures for total hip replacement, partial knee replacement and total knee replacement, but it is not your average surgery...

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What You Can Do to Help Prevent Sepsis

Sepsis can be caused by any type of infection: bacterial, viral, fungal, or even parasitic. Learn what you can do to prevent infection.

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Postpartum, motherhood, and Baptist Health

You’re probably feeling excited and ready to take on motherhood after nine months of waiting. As a new mother, it’s likely that much of your time and attention will be on your new baby, which is why it is so important for you to take care of yourself in order to rebuild your strength.

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Your Baby and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding well

A baby who breastfeeds well cues (shows readiness) for feedings, is in a good feeding position, latches-on (attaches) deeply at the breast, and moves milk forward from the breast and into his or her mouth. It is also comfortable for the mother. 

Feeding cues

A baby has to wake up and let his or her mother know that he or she wants to eat. This is called showing feeding cues. A baby should show he or she is hungry 8 to 12 times in a 24-hour period. Watch your baby and begin breastfeeding when you see your baby:

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How to Exercise Safely in the Arkansas Heat

We love that Arkansas is sunny and bright; but we know that sometimes, bright sunshine means temperatures soaring above one hundred. While we definitely encourage outdoor exercise here at Baptist Health, we want everyone to be aware and educated about safe habits when you’re outside in the heat. 

Here’s why we care: exercising in heat puts extra stress on your body and increases your core temperature. If you do not take the appropriate precautions, consistently exercising in heat can cause serious illnesses like heat exhaustion, heat cramps, exercise-associated collapses, or heat stroke. 

Here is what you can do to be prepared:

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Our Vision Forward 2018

Throughout Challenging Health-Care Environment, Baptist Heath Must Embrace Change While Remaining Focused on Our People, Our Communities, and Our Values

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Keep on Amazing: Linda Mahnker

Linda Mahnker has created an amazing life in her retirement. She spends days on the lake and evenings sewing clothes for orphans in Honduras. She is also an exercise enthusiast – a trait she picked up while working out to recover from two hip replacements.

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