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Four Action Steps to Assist in Your Pursuit for Better Health and Fitness in 2024

In every aspect of our life, we should strive to improve. I would bet everyone reading this has at one time or another along the way had a vision of the type of person they would like to be. The question you need to ask is: Do your actions match up with the type of person you inspire to be? Do they move you toward your goal?

According to Douglas Vermeeren, a sought-after speaker and creator of one of the top personal development programs in the world, after interviewing 400 of the most successful people, he found that health is one of the five areas people are constantly trying to improve. I would also add it’s one of the hardest.

In my experience, I have found that most people are aware of changes that need to be made with their diet, and they know the importance of exercise, and with some education, most can even begin the process of improving their health. Unfortunately, soon after beginning an exercise routine or changing their diet, they resort back to things that they are familiar with because they lack vision, self-belief, goals with habits to support those goals, and an unawareness of the importance of time management.

Listed below are a few short examples of what I’m talking about and what needs to be done. 

  • Vision and Belief –– Have a vision of yourself already obtaining what you want to accomplish and what it will be like when you reach that point. Have a clear vision, so clear that it seems real. Next, believe with everything you have you’ll have success. Your mind is where it starts. A positive mind where you can visualize things you desire is like a fertile garden where anything can grow. Doubt and unwillingness will show their faces, but be quick to shift your thoughts from a place of negativity to accomplishment, willingness, and a belief that every failure is an opportunity to learn. Absolutely crucial for success.
  • Goals and Habits –– Set goals but use habits. Be specific and clear on what you want to accomplish, have a time frame, and write them down. Goals are the destination, and habits are the vehicle to get you there. Habits are like steps of a staircase –– one builds on another and eventually you reach the top. If you have a goal to run a 5K and the only time you have to train is 5 a.m., then you’ll have to develop the habit of going to bed early so you’ll feel like getting up that early. If you can’t get up early, your training will never happen and the goal of running a 5k will just be a dream.  
  • Environment –– Assess your environment. Quoting James Clear in his book “Atomic Habits,” “environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior.” How many times have you walked into a room with food being the last thing on your mind only to see some cookies or other sweets and grab one. If losing weight is a goal, then your environment should be designed to help you be successful.
  • Time Management –– There are 24 hours in a day, and how you manage them will determine what gets accomplished. Improving your health with a busy schedule requires time management that allows proper rest (seven to eight hours a night), early morning workouts on busy days, and food-prep time for healthy meals. Also, avoid mindless unproductive habits (hours of social media, etc.) and actions that suck your time away and push you further from your goal. 

Make this year the best, and strive to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make whether it’s a physical change, professional, or just an overall better outlook on life. Come see us! Good luck and let’s get started!

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