Little Rock Marathon Resources

Are you participating in the Little Rock marathon or half marathon this year? If so, you have probably been training for several months… but there is more to a marathon than just endurance! 

From making sure you are eating the proper nutrition during training to eating the right foods pre- and post-race and injury prevention, Baptist Health wants to give you all the resources you need to make this year’s marathon a healthy and safe one.

Pre-Race Nutrition

Before running a marathon, carbs are of the utmost importance! They provide your body the fuel it needs to run those longer distances. The day of the race, there are certain carbs that you should be eating four hours, two hours and 45 minutes before the race. 

Post-Race Nutrition

After a marathon, your body will be craving the right fuel sources to help it recover. Getting the proper amount of carbs, proteins and electrolytes will help your body bounce back! 

Healthy Recipes

Common Running Injuries

Are you feeling any aches and pains during training? Some muscle soreness is normal when you are pushing your body, but you never want pain. If pain arises, check with your doctor immediately to make sure you have not developed a running injury. 

Here are some of the common injuries we see in runners:

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