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Tara Dennie

Tara’s journey of a lifetime started with the birth of her daughter. After adding five more, her schedule is full – and so is her heart. Luckily, the team at Baptist Health was there every step of the way. And for all the first steps that followed. Watch video.

Keep on growing. Keep on teaching. #KeepOnAmazing

Baptist Health Women’s Center

At Baptist Health, we understand that women have special needs; that’s why we employ specific women’s health specialists to meet every need of the female body. Childbirth, breast cancer, osteoporosis, nutrition – with each new phase of a woman’s life come different health concerns.

Younger women may want to know about reproductive issues, while menopause, osteoporosis, heart disease and breast cancer are likely concerns for women as they grow older. No matter what your age or your condition, the women’s centers are here to help with trained women’s health specialists, education services and even women’s resource centers.