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Swim Safe All Summer Long

As summer goes on, swimming’s popularity soars along with temperatures. Thankfully, Arkansas is home to some of the best swimming holes in the country. Follow the tips below to enjoy them to the fullest.

Always bring a buddy.
The number one rule of water safety is to never go swimming alone. Even the best swimmers can run into trouble in the water, and having a friend present can be the difference between a small incident and a dire situation.

Use sunscreen.

Shield your skin from harsh UV rays by applying sunscreen 30 minutes before you get in the water, and then at least every hour after. Learn more about sunscreen and get more tips on how you can protect your skin.

Get out of the water at the first sign of thunder or lightning.

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. If lightning strikes a body of water, it can stun swimmers and prevent them from being able to swim or keep their heads above water. If you see lighting or hear thunder, get out of the water and find shelter. Don’t return until 30 minutes have passed since you’ve noticed thunder or lightning.

Have small children and inexperienced swimmers wear life jackets.

Until a person has proven themselves to be a strong swimmer, they should swim with life jacket. For small children, the life jacket is often accompanied by arm floaties.

… But don’t rely on life jackets alone.

Even if they are wearing floaties and life jackets, children should be monitored at the pool at all times. Make sure you have no distractions and are able to devote your full attention to ensuring your child is safe in the water.

Enroll in swim classes.

Enroll children in swim classes to make sure they know proper swimming techniques and feel comfortable in the water. Adults who want to strengthen their swimming skills can also enroll in classes.

Teach children to ask permission to swim.

Children should know they must always ask an adult before getting into a body of water.

Don’t fight the current.

If you find yourself caught in a current while swimming in a river or at the beach, don’t fight it. Battling against the current will quickly tire you out, making it harder to reach the shore. Instead, swim with the current and gradually inch toward land.

We hope this summer is your best one yet, and by staying safe with the tips above, it can be. Learn more about how you can keep your family safe all year long.