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Keep on Amazing: Jason Stormoe

Jason Stormoe leads an amazing life. He volunteers in the community, he takes on leadership roles, he has a wonderful family, he loves his job…

… And he lost nearly 200 pounds through the Baptist Health Weight Loss Program.

Before joining the program, being large was simply a part of life for Jason. He had always been overweight, wearing “Husky” sizes as young as 2nd grade. But one day, as he slid into his Ford F150, he realized he hardly fit in the cab of the large truck. He looked down at his belly, and noticed hardly any room stood between his stomach and the steering wheel. Later that day, Jason went shopping, and had another “Aha!” moment when he went to purchase shorts and could only fit into the largest size carried in the store – size 7X.

Jason knew his current weight was not sustainable, and that to make the most of his full, thriving life, he needed to make some drastic changes. He needed to finally lose the weight – for both his health and to be there for his family in the future.

Jason sought help from Baptist Health, and enrolled in the Baptist Health Weight Loss program. Once a week, he attended program meetings, where he received weight loss coaching and support from our weight loss experts. The pounds steadily began to melt away, but in addition to losing weight, something else happened: Jason developed new habits that help him maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Jason uses his love of food and dining to cook nourishing, flavorful meals. He spends many nights grilling out, and smokes chickens and turkeys in his electric smoker on the weekends. Jason also loves hitting the gym. He goes to his nearby 10 Fitness nearly every day, and meets with a personal trainer three times a week. Finally, Jason includes his family members and coworkers in his weight loss journey, and shares the healthy habits he’s picked up with those around him.

Jason’s progress has given him new goals he never would have dreamt of before his weight loss journey. For example, the last time Jason hiked Pinnacle Mountain was 20 years ago, when he first moved to Little Rock. Before enrolling in the Baptist Health Weight Loss Program, he didn’t have the ability to make the hike. Today, he’s making plans to summit the central Arkansas peak with his wife soon.

Baptist Health is honored to be part of Jason’s amazing story. Learn more about how the weight loss team at Baptist Health can help you lose weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle, and of course, keep on amazing.