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Can I get Flu Treatment Online?

Get Flu Treatment Online

The moment you begin to experience the symptoms of the flu, it’s important to see a provider within 48 hours if you want to shorten the duration of the illness and lessen its effects by taking an anti-viral medication. Through Baptist Health Virtual Care, you can receive flu treatment online as soon as you experience your first flu-like symptoms.

With Baptist Health Virtual Care, you can see a provider from the comfort of your own home through an appointment conducted over a secure video connection. Simply follow the steps below to see a physician and get on the road to recovery as fast as possible.

4 Steps to Receiving Flu Treatment at Home

1. Create your Baptist Health Virtual Care account.

If haven’t already, download Baptist Health Virtual Care from the Apple App Store or Google Play to create an account, or create your account on a desktop or laptop computer by visiting

2. Provide details about your visit.

Once your Baptist Health Virtual Care account is created, log in and provide the requested information about your appointment. This will include whether the appointment is for yourself or your child, and a phone number your provider can use to reach you if a follow-up call is needed.

3. Choose a provider.

After you enter information about your appointment, you’ll be given a list of providers to choose from. The providers listed have an average of 15 years of experience in primary and urgent care and are US board-certified, licensed and credentialed. Each provider also has a profile which lists education and practice experience. You’ll be able to see how many patients are waiting ahead of you for each provider. If you don’t have a provider preference, you can choose to see the first provider available.

4. Start your visit.

When your chosen or first-available provider is ready to start your appointment, a secure video chat will begin. You’ll be asked to describe your symptoms, and your provider will thoroughly question you to determine if you would benefit from anti-viral flu medication. If your provider believes you have the flu, a prescription will be called in to your preferred pharmacy.

Baptist Health Virtual Care is here to help you should you get the flu, but we also want to help you prevent the illness altogether. Learn more about how the flu shot protects you from becoming sick, and how to stay healthy during flu season.

Prefer a traditional office visit? Find a doctor near you.