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A Healthy Resolution for Your Kids

Want to help the whole family eat healthier? An easy way to reach your goal is to include vegetables in your meals. While it might be difficult to get your kids on board the veggie wagon at first, the following tips will help your pickiest eaters love produce.

Set an example.

Eating veggies is a habit you’ll want to pass down for generations. Your kids already imitate everything you do, so it’s a great idea to eat vegetables in front of them. Plus, this method of leading by example is beneficial to your own health.

Start with small portions.

Kids can be stubborn. If you try to force your kids into anything, there is a chance they will do the exact opposite. The same rule applies to eating. When they try new vegetables, make sure your kids eat at least one bite, but don’t require them to clean their plates. One bite may not be much food, but it is one step closer to a healthy diet. It might take time for certain veggies to grow on kids.

Make vegetables a part of every meal.

The more you offer your kids vegetables, the more comfortable they will feel eating them. Make vegetables a part of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Even if your kids do not eat vegetables every time they are on the table, the regular exposure to vegetables will likely increase your child’s intake.

Mix it up.

Because there are a variety of ways to prepare vegetables, you should be able to find healthy dishes that appeal to your little ones. While some kids may not be fans of raw carrots, they might devour steamed carrots. Try out all the different methods of cooking vegetables to find the ones your family will love.

In no time at all, eating vegetables will be the norm! For more recipes to help you stay healthy this year, check out our Eat Well section of the BHealthy blog.