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6 Ways to Manage Your Spring Allergies

Spring is a glorious time in Arkansas. The lush, green foliage is beautiful, the temperature is near perfect and the local wildlife is at its most active. You anticipate this gorgeous time of year for months, but by the time it arrives, your allergy-induced headache, scratchy throat and runny nose leave you stuck in bed.

Stop missing out on spring time fun, and start enjoying one of the most beautiful times of the year by taking the following precautions to lessen the effects of your allergies – or potentially eliminate them altogether.

Start an allergy medication regimen early.

Once your nasal and airway passages become inflamed, the chances an allergy medication will help them return to normal are drastically reduced. Prevent irritation from occurring by beginning a regimen of nasal steroid sprays, antihistamines or eye drops one to two weeks before the beginning of allergy season.

Stay away from pollen.

The famously high pollen levels in Arkansas make the allergen impossible to escape, but you can limit your exposure. Keep your home and car windows closed. Wear sunglasses and a hat while outside to protect your eyes and keep pollen off your hair. Shower before bed to knock off any pollen that has accumulated on your skin and hair throughout the day. Avoid spending time outdoors during early morning to midday, when the pollen count is at its highest.

Take an antihistamine before you go outside.

Take an antihistamine 30 minutes before you go outside to keep your airways and nasal passages from becoming inflamed, particularly if you are gardening or plan to do vigorous exercise.

Keep your house clean.

Your body works hard to fight pollen and other outdoor irritants. Make your home an allergen-free haven by regularly cleaning your home and using high-quality air filters.

Make healthy choices.

Give your body the resources it needs stay healthy by eating wholesome, nutritious food and exercising regularly. You can also give your body a boost by fueling it with allergy-fighting foods, such as vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables, spicy peppers and green tea.

Consider allergy shots.

If you are still dealing with debilitating allergies despite your best efforts, you may need to consider allergy shots. Make an appointment with your physician to discuss your symptoms and potential solutions. 

Allergy season can be tough, but by taking a few precautions, you can still enjoy our beautiful spring weather. Get more tips on how you can stay healthy and keep on amazing all season long.