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5 Health Tips Every Man Should Follow

June is National Men’s Health Month, and there’s no better time to help our nearly 1.5 million men in Arkansas find new ways to make their lives happier and healthier. Read on for 5 things every man should do this month for an instant health boost.

Make an appointment.

Men are notorious for avoiding necessary healthcare. Cost, time, fear of learning about new health issues and the perception that needing healthcare is a sign of weakness are all contributing factors to this notion – which couldn’t be further from the truth. A yearly check-up is crucial to the early detection of chronic ailments and disease, which can ultimately save time, money – and even your life.

Take time to destress.

Our culture says tough guys don’t get stressed, which often leads to men letting pressure silently build up until it takes a mental, emotional and physical toll. Remember that it’s not only OK to be stressed, it’s normal. When you feel pressure building, take time for yourself to unwind, and talk about it with someone you trust.

Hit the gym.

Regular workouts are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle – but so is skipping a day when needed. Many men either workout sporadically or are completely obsessed with their physique, and both lifestyles have their pitfalls. Make exercise part of your daily routine, but also know when to take it easy if you feel fatigued.

Start taking vitamins daily.

Taking vitamins every day requires minimal effort, but can have a substantial positive impact on your health. A fish oil tablet, a probiotic and a men’s multivitamin should all part of your daily regimen.

Spend time with old friends.

Men are more likely than women to let their close friendships fall to the wayside, which can have negative effects on your emotional, mental and even physical health. Reach out to an old friend and set up a time to get together.

Each of the above tips may be simple, but each can play an important role in improving the health of men all over the state. Find more helpful tips on wellness and healthy living from Baptist Health.