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How to identify rashes on your baby

Sarah C. Bone, MD   It’s no secret that babies have very sensitive skin. Unfortunately, their sensitive skin makes them more prone to rashes. At Baptist Health, we believe that educating parents on symptoms and causes of baby rashes will better equip them to remedy itchy rashes from occurring or spreading further. A few common rashes: Diaper rash – This is a common form of dermatitis that appears on a baby’s bottom. It appears patchy and red. Often, diaper rash occurs when diapers are wet and changed infrequently. Your baby might be especially irritable and uncomfortable during diaper changes and contact with the affected area during baths. Solution: Air dry after baths before putting a diaper on and change diapers more frequently Eczema – Is a long term skin condition that causes your baby’s skin to become itchy, red and cracked. Eczema can appear on the scalp, face and body. Atopic eczema can affects children and babies, but can often continue into adulthood. Eczema in babies under six months can often be due to an allergy to eggs or milk. Solution: There are creams and ointments that can help relieve eczema symptoms. Talk to your pediatrician for recommendations. Baby Acne (Neonatal Acne) – In some cases, your baby may have small pimples on his/her face and neck. These can develop about a month after delivery, and can get worse before completely disappearing in a few months. Solution: Wash your baby’s face frequently and apply a light moisturizer. Most new moms have lots of questions: we have answers. We’ve created an E-Book that’ll help you navigate the upcoming months. You’ll find information on vaccinations, teething, recipes for homemade baby food and more.