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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Mammogram This Year

Now is the time for women to make their health a priority. 

Over the past few years, COVID-19 has affected many parts of our lives. As we’ve all worked to adjust to the changes we’ve been faced with, many women have resumed their regular appointments, tests, checkups, and procedures. One important exam that we at Baptist Health want to encourage every woman over 40 not to delay this year is their annual mammogram. Mammograms are too important to the early detection of breast cancer to put off for another time or another year.

1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, and the most important screening tool that we have for detecting breast cancer is a mammogram. 

Even if you have no symptoms, don’t hesitate to have your annual screening mammogram. Yearly mammograms can decrease breast cancer deaths by 40% because early detection allows for treatment at the earliest possible stage.

The only way to be completely confident about your breast health is to know your risk factors, work closely with your doctor, and get regular mammograms. 

Schedule your annual mammogram today by calling 1-888-BAPTIST (227-8478), or request an appointment online.