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Why Immunization is the Best Prevention

People of all ages can benefit from immunization, but it is often the vaccination of children—or lack thereof—that determines the course of preventable diseases. Because immunizations prevent an estimated two to three million deaths every year, your child’s vaccinations are small but significant steps toward a healthier world.

Immunization Protects Your Child

There are a number of vaccine-preventable diseases that continue to infect U.S. children, such as measles, mumps and whooping cough. As a result of immunization, some diseases have declined in the U.S., but they can still be common in other countries. Children can contract these diseases from international travelers or while traveling abroad themselves. Your fully vaccinated child is protected against diseases at home and many diseases around the world.

Immunization Protects Your Community

Even a small number of unvaccinated children can start the spread of preventable diseases in their community. When a child is not vaccinated, they can put everyone in contact with them at risk. Infected children can spread diseases to those whose health complications exempt them from receiving vaccinations, including babies too young for vaccines and people with weakened immune systems. By fully vaccinating your child, you also protect your family, friends and every person your child encounters.

Immunization is Practical

An unvaccinated child can easily contract a vaccine-preventable disease. Along with fighting a disease, infected children and their parents also have to deal with missing work and school, medical bills and the possibility of long-term complications. Meanwhile, vaccines prevent disease and are usually covered by insurance. Your child’s immunization helps you avoid finding your family in a difficult situation.

Immunization is Safe

Before they are ever given to children, vaccines are carefully reviewed by scientists, doctors and healthcare professionals. Even after approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), vaccines are continually monitored for safety. The FDA ensures that every vaccine your child receives is as safe and effective as possible.

Immunization Creates a Better Future

Vaccinations are capable of eradicating diseases. It is possible that some of the vaccinations your children receive now will not be administered to your grandchildren in the future. By that time, some of the diseases that immunizations fight may no longer exist.

A fully vaccinated child is able to reach his or her full amazing. Make sure your family and community reap the benefits of immunization and, in the process, prevent the spread of disease. Find more tips on how to keep your family happy and healthy.

Baptist Health’s Community Outreach Back-to-School Immunization program offers free immunizations to primary and secondary school-aged children. Click here to see a complete list of locations and dates, and to learn more about this program.