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What You Need to Know About Hospice

While many people can find the subject uncomfortable, hospice is an important health topic to discuss. Though there is grieving that comes with the end of a life, it can still be a full, meaningful time for the person passing on and their family with the right outlook. Read on to learn more about what hospice care entails and how it can make a patient’s final days more peaceful and comfortable. 

What does the typical hospice setting look like?

Hospice care is typically offered within the home. Depending on the patient’s wishes and condition, it may also be provided within a hospital, a long-term care facility or a standalone hospice. The choice is typically left to the patient and their family to decide what hospice setting will provide the most comfort.

How does a patient and their family know when to begin hospice care?

Hospice is considered an option for those with six months or less to live due to a terminal illness. The decision to begin hospice care is usually reached through an open, honest dialogue between the patient, family and healthcare provider.

What kinds of hospice services are available?

Hospice care is designed to make a patient’s last days as pleasant as possible. Services include spiritual support, on-call care, respite care for caregivers, palliative care and bereavement support. 

Who provides hospice care?

Hospice care is provided by a full team of experts trained to provide support and comfort to patients and their families. This team may include counselors, physicians, pastoral care providers, nurses, social works and home health aides.

How does hospice care benefit families?

Hospice care helps families make their last days with their loved one precious, and helps them say goodbye. Hospice also supports the family through the grieving process, offering resources such as support groups and counseling up to a year after their loved one has passed. 

The end of a life is as meaningful a time as any other phase of life – and we at Baptist Health are committed to making it as comfortable as possible. If you or someone you love needs more information about hospice, check out our extensive resources on end of life care, or call our Customer Service Center at 501-202–7882 or 1-800-850-6789.