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Ultimate Fitness Challenge Making a Difference

The Ultimate Fitness Challenge held it’s fifth weigh in last week. With good numbers and a short challenge, we had some happy participants!

Total Weight Loss So Far:

Robyn Brewer – 16 pounds

Beverly Sayers – 11 pounds

Talayia Johnson – 14 pounds

Kelly Whiley – 13 pounds

Shane Jones – 38 pounds

Sharon Edwards -11 pounds

The winner of the weigh in this week was Shane Jones. Congratulations Shane! The challenge this week was for each participant individually. Each person was given a set of 5 pound dumbbells. They each then sat down against the wall in a chair position, with their arms at a T while holding the dumbbells. The last one standing was the winner and this time it was Talayia Johnson! Talayia won a 12 DVD pack from the Insanity Workout, a mat, and a stability ball for her home.

Congratulations to everyone!