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Things to Love about Baptist Health Pediatricians

Lydia Carter, BSN, RNC-MNN, ARN III

Now that it’s actually time to choose a pediatrician, it doesn’t seem like such a small task. Finding the physician who is going to have a relationship with you and your developing baby requires research, planning and an understanding of what you will need from your pediatrician. They’re the people that keep the worry at bay, educate you and provide necessary treatments and medications for your baby. We’re here to help you understand what to expect from a great pediatrician. Pediatricians at Baptist Health aim to provide you with the ultimate tool while caring for your baby; a wealth of knowledge.

We’ve talked to our patients; they’ve told us their favorite things about Baptist Health pediatricians. Here are a few things to love about our pediatricians:

1. They encourage questions

At Baptist Health, we encourage education. Pediatricians at Baptist Health provide information parents need to know – but we also encourage you to ask questions. We want to help you understand what your baby’s cries mean, developmental milestones and more.

2. They give peace of mind

It’s normal for new parents to be nervous or panicked. A great pediatrician understands, and is there not only to treat your baby, but also to answer your questions and address concerns. Whether you notice a rash or find that your baby has shallow breathing, they are here to offer the best medical care and support for you in a professional and compassionate manner.

3. They treat you like the expert (which you are)

You know your baby best. Baptist Health pediatricians treat you like the expert on your baby, which you are. They’ll ask the questions and you, being the advocate for your baby, will contribute answers that make identifying medical problems and other developmental issues much easier. They understand that without your contributions and observations their jobs would be infinitely more difficult.

4. They are compassionate

You want the best for your baby. This extends to every person that your baby interacts with. A compassionate and caring pediatrician is exactly what you’re looking for. At Baptist Health, our team of pediatricians and support staff are here to listen, observe and provide medical care that is sensitive and unique to each patient.

5. They build long-term relationships

Pediatricians at Baptist Health pride themselves on the longevity of their relationships with patients. Many of our patients have become generational patients. New mothers bring their babies in and stay with the same pediatrician until those babies grow into adults and bring their children in. We know this is a testament to the outstanding care that each patient receives and the warm and comforting relationship that develops with their pediatrician.

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