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The Top 6 Benefits of Visiting Your Local Farmers Market

Farmers market season is finally here, along with the most flavorful, nutritious locally grown produce you’ll find all year. With the wide variety of fruits and vegetables grown in the state during summer, Arkansas farmers markets can be found multiple days of the week in locations throughout central Arkansas!

Created to give our communities access to farm fresh food, farmers markets allow many Arkansans to shop local produce within or close to their own neighborhoods. Find out why you should stop by the market nearest you with our top six benefits of visiting your local farmers market below.

You’re more likely to try new foods.

Farmers markets are full of produce and goods you may not always find at the grocery store. When walking past booth after booth of unique fruits and vegetables, you’re likely to discover a few new favorites.

You’ll find affordable organic produce.

The produce you’ll find at a farmers market is often organic, and would demand a much higher price tag if purchased from a grocery store. Farmers markets are a great way to affordably feed your family.

You’ll do the environment a favor.

Many of the smaller farms you’ll find at a farmers markets produce significantly less waste than the industrial farms that sell produce to your grocery store. It also requires less fuel for local produce to be transported to one of our weekly markets than it does for industrial farm produce to be delivered to your grocery store.

You’re more likely to cook healthier meals.

Armed with bags of fresh Arkansas produce, cooking a dinner full of fresh fruits and vegetables will become an event the whole family will enjoy.

Your produce will be tastier and healthier.

Fruits and vegetables from farmers markets are picked at peak ripeness, when the produce is its most flavorful and nutritious. Mass-produced fruits and vegetables from industrial farms simply can’t be delivered at this desirable stage of ripeness due to the long journey it must take to reach your local grocery store and then your plate.

You’ll connect with your community.

Local farmers markets encourage conversation and connection – with your neighbors, with farmers.


Ready to visit a local farmers market? Find the one nearest you below!

Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock

Tuesdays, June 18-August 6

7am – 1pm

Located on the ground floor of the parking deck. 


Baptist Health Medical Center-Conway

Wednesdays, June 19-August 7

10am – 1pm

Located behind the hospital.


Baptist Health Medical Center-North Little Rock

Thursdays, June 20-August 8 (No market July 4)

10am – 1pm

Located near the Rehab & Women’s Center Entrance (west side of hospital).


For driving directions, location and more information, please visit our BHealthy Farmer’s Market page.

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