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The Final Push: Marathon Prep

The Little Rock Marathon is less than a month away, and you want to make sure your countless hours of training pay off. As we enter the final few weeks before the big race, it’s important to make a few key preparations to ensure race day goes off without a hitch.

Get your kit together.

Prepare for race day by laying out everything you plan to wear the night before, and pinning your race number on the front of your top. You may be tempted to purchase a new, snazzy running outfit for your race, but for optimum performance, stick to the shoes and clothing you have worn for training. Pieces made of high-quality materials that will prevent chafing, blisters and other issues work best, and will have a big impact on the success of your race.

Watch what you eat.

The fuel you give your body is of the utmost importance at this stage of your training. Fight tired legs and fatigue by providing your body with ample nutrient-dense calories. Make sure you’re getting plenty of healthy fats, lean protein and carbs from both grains and vegetables. We suggest having a veggie-rich pasta two nights before a long run. On race day, eat 1.5 hours before you step up to the start line to ensure you’re properly fueled but not too full.

Listen to your body.

Don’t let a last-minute injury ruin all your hard work. If you begin to feel any aches or pains, stop your work out, and address the problem with ice, rest and by calling a doctor if needed. You should also be careful not to over train during this time. In fact, if you want your legs to be fresh for race day, you should begin to reduce your mileage.

Get some rest.

Rest should be a priority throughout your training, but it is especially important during these final weeks. Sleep allows your body to repair muscles, and your body will need seven to eight hours a night to adequately recover from training. You may even find you need to tack on a few more hours of shut eye to help your legs feel fresh. Also, be aware that the excitement of your race may keep you from sleeping well the night before. Keep these pre-race jitters from holding you back by getting a good night’s sleep two days before you run.

We can’t wait to cheer on all the runners at the 2017 Little Rock Marathon in few weeks!