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Surviving Spring Allergies

Spring brings some of the most beautiful days of the year, but with high pollen counts and an excess of allergens in the air, those with allergies are often unable to enjoy them. If you frequently find your spring days ruined by sneezing, a runny nose or itchy throat, follow the simple rules below to help you breathe easy all season long.

Spring clean.

You may not be able to control the amount of allergens outside, but you can control the amount in your home. Frequently dust, wipe down and vacuum to ensure your sinuses get a break from irritants while indoors.

Keep windows closed.

Filling your home with fresh air is also an easy way to fill your home with pollen. If you want to experience a nice spring breeze, enjoy it outside to keep your home a haven from allergens.

Change air filters.

Change your air filters every three months to reduce indoor irritants. Make sure your filter has a MERV rating of 11 or 12.

Wash up.

Pollen can fall on your clothes and body after spending time outside, and remain there if you don’t wash them off. When you get home for the night, change into fresh, irritant-free clothes and take a shower to knock off allergens.

Stay inside midday.

Pollen counts are typically at their highest during the middle of the day. Enjoy outdoor activities in the morning or evening to reduce your exposure.

Rinse nasal passages.

Use a saline solution once or twice a day to remove irritants and reduce congestion.

Take an antihistamine.

If you plan to an extended amount of time outside, take an antihistamine two hours prior.

Talk to a specialist.

Though following the above rules can help reduce your allergy symptoms, serious allergies should be treated by a physician for true relief.

There’s nothing like an Arkansas spring, and we at Baptist Health want to help you enjoy the season as much as possible. Ask your primary care physician to refer you to one of our expert allergy specialist to create your custom treatment plan.