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Robert Bennett

Linda and Robert Bennett’s trip to the emergency room created its share of worry; especially after it turned out to be a bigger emergency than they imagined.

In July 2003, Linda drove her husband to the emergency room at Baptist Health Medical Center, thinking he was experiencing heat-related symptoms after a hot day of yard work. It wasn’t long before Dr. Gary Collins came out from the exam room and said, “Your husband is about to have a heart attack. But we are going to stop it.”

Robert immediately underwent a cardiac catheterization where two blockages were found – the bigger one requiring a stent.

Afterward, Robert chose to go through cardiac rehabilitation and made great progress. Today, he’s healthy and experiencing the joys of continuing his role of being a father and a grandfather.

“I am thankful to God for sparing my husband’s life that day,” says Linda. “Thank you Dr. Collins and Baptist Health. I will be forever grateful!”