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Keeping The Weight Off

At the beginning of every year, countless Arkansans make resolutions to lose weight, and a few succeed… initially. All too often, those trying to drop a few pounds take on excessively restrictive diets to achieve their desired weight. Slowly though, the constant feeling of deprivation begins to be too much, and old habits creep back in. As a result, nearly 65% of those who lose weight regain all they lost within three years.

Sustainable weight loss begins with a sustainable plan and the right mindset. Rather than taking drastic measures you can’t maintain to see a lower number on the scale, adopt manageable practices that will help you be healthier long-term – starting with the ones listed below:

Eat slow.

In our pressed-for-time culture, scarfing down food has unfortunately become commonplace. Retrain yourself to eat mindfully and slowly, allowing your brain plenty of time to receive the message that you’re full and keep you from overeating. Bonus: You’re more likely to enjoy your meals when you don’t rush through them.

Plan ahead.

Many poor food choices are made in a bind when you find yourself hungry with no healthy options available. You’re much more likely to make good food choices if they are accessible, so set yourself up for success by planning a few meals in advance.

Focus on the good.

It’s easy to resent your new lifestyle when you dwell on what you’re giving up – so don’t. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of your new healthy habits, such as how amazing you feel when eating wholesome, nutritious food.

Drink lots of water.

Water is essential to every function of life, including maintaining a healthy weight. In fact, being dehydrated can make you feel hungry, causing you to eat when you only need a large glass of water. To ensure you’re hydrated and avoid overeating, sip on water throughout the day, and drink at least two big glasses right before meal time.

Get your veggies.

Sustainably losing weight isn’t about eating less, it’s about eating better. Each meal should include an extra-large helping of vegetables, whether you’re eating healthy or splurging. This ensures every meal is nutritious, and keeps you from filling up solely on less healthy foods.

Be active.

Find an activity you enjoy, and make a point to do it every day. This doesn’t have to be a grueling exercise routine, just something that keeps you from spending all day sitting down. Go for a walk, take up jogging, get a bicycle, start lifting weights or simply start parking further away from your destination and taking the stairs as often as possible. If you work a desk job, you should also get up and move at least every hour.

The idea of rapid weight loss is appealing, but those who lose weight gradually through sustainable habits often have a better long-term success rate – and are overall healthier. Get more information on weight loss and healthy living.