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Keep on Amazing: Nancy Branch

Mother. Grandmother. Pastor. Caregiver. 

Stroke survivor.

Nancy Branch is amazing. When she experienced a nearly deadly stroke, she fought for her life so she could keep caring for those that depend on her.

Sunday June 19th started out like any other day. Nancy woke up around 6 a.m., watched a little a TV, and began preparing for another day with her husband and five adoptive sons. By 6:30 a.m., she slowly began to tilt forward. As attempted to sit up straight, she found herself overcompensating and tilting to the other direction. When she reached out to her husband for help, she was unable to form any words, but thankfully could tap him with her right hand. When Nancy’s husband looked over to see her face drooping, he immediately called 911.

Paramedics quickly arrived and rushed Nancy to Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock. Once she made it to the hospital, her speech was slurred, and she had lost the ability to move her left side. Nancy was promptly administered stroke medication through an IV treatment. She began to show improvement almost instantly, and her mobility in her left side began to return. Within 30 minutes, she could completely move again, and by the next day she was her back to her normal self. 

Nancy has an amazing life, and thanks to her husband’s quick actions, the care she received at Baptist Health and her fighting spirit, a stroke didn’t cut it short. We’re proud to be a part of Nancy’s story – and to provide the information, resources and treatment you need to avoid becoming a stroke victim. Learn more about stroke symptoms and treatment, and what you should do if you experience or witness the signs of one.