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Jennifer Thomas

As a registered nurse for Baptist Health Medical Center-Heber Springs for eight years, Jennifer was a very active person. As she got older, she gained weight until she lost all self confidence and knew it was time to get help.

Jennifer was nearly 40 years old and had tried every diet pill and exercise program that existed. Each time she would lose some weight then gain it all back with additional pounds included. She was short of breath, her knees hurt and she wasn’t sleeping. Enough was enough, it was time for her to find alternative solutions.

She began considering weight loss surgery and started researching her options online. was her go-to tool for bariatric surgery information. During her quest for answers she came across Dr. Eric Paul with the Baptist Health Bariatric Center.

After attending one of Dr. Paul’s seminars, she knew this was the right thing for her.

After a successful bariatric procedure in 2013, Jennifer lost 110lbs. Her life changed drastically after surgery. “You have to work, surgery is just a tool to help you,” says Jennifer. Eating right, exercising and leaning on her support system gave Jennifer her life back.

“Dr. Paul is wonderful! My whole experience was wonderful!” she said. 

Keep on living. Keep on inspiring. #KeepOnAmazing


Baptist Health’s surgical weight loss program offers a serious commitment to extending the highest level of care available for those interested in surgery for weight loss. Ongoing support, follow-up care by physicians and staff members who strive to make patients’ experiences successful are all part of Baptist Health’s dedication to our patients.

For more information on gastric bypass surgery and other types of bariatric surgery, find an upcoming weight loss surgery seminar at Baptist Health’s Bariatric Center.