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How to Manage Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is beautiful, but the symptoms that come with it leave many moms-to-be feeling less than magical. Morning sickness can be especially brutal. Typically experienced during the first trimester, morning sickness can make the day’s simplest tasks feel impossible, and every move miserable. If you’re experiencing morning sickness, know that the nausea will eventually pass, but until it does, here are a few ways to try to keep it at bay.

Keep food in your stomach.

An empty stomach only worsens nausea. Try to always keep a little food in your stomach by immediately having a snack when you wake up, right before you go to sleep, and throughout the day. You may even find eating six small meals a day, as opposed to three large ones, makes you feel better. Many women also keep a box of dry cereal or crackers stashed next to the bed to snack on if they wake up in the night.

Stay hydrated.

Dehydration can also make nausea drastically worse. You may not be able to handle a large amount of liquid at once, but constantly sipping on water should keep you hydrated.

Take some time off.

Some days your morning sickness may be to the point that you can’t fathom leaving the house – so don’t. Your body is under an immense amount of stress. Give it the rest it needs by calling in sick when you feel especially bad.

Carry lemon essential oil.

You may find certain aromas trigger your morning sickness. Combat these smells by sniffing lemon essential oil every time you feel nauseous. The fresh scent typically calms your senses and settles your stomach.

Eat stomach-settling foods.

Ginger, lemon and mint are all known to combat nausea. These three foods can be liberally used in recipes, or to make teas. Some women also find bland food, such as a plain baked potato, or cold food, such as a smoothie, easier to keep down.

Look for patterns.

Keep a morning sickness journal for a week or so, and note what foods and smells are present when you become nauseous, as well as what time of day it sets in. You may identify a few of your morning sickness triggers, which you can avoid going forward.

Don’t be shy.

If a certain smell sets you off, or you need to stop what you’re doing to eat, speak up. There’s nothing wrong with letting those around you know when you need to take care of yourself, and never feel you are asking too much.

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