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Gus & Kelli Sanders

Gus and Kelli Sanders realized they needed to lose some weight but never seemed to start the process. One day, Gus met up with an old friend and barely recognized him. His friend had lost over 100lbs participating in Baptist Health’s Weight Loss Program that utilizes the HMR diet. His friend’s success spurred him to want to take action.

Later that evening, after telling his wife about his friend’s weight loss, the couple decided to inquire about the weight loss program that Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock offered, and signed up for a free informational seminar.

After the seminar, Gus and Kelli knew this was the right path for them and began their weight loss journey that day. “We were treated great at Baptist Health. Everyone was very helpful and there when we needed them.” Kelli said. “From the person who weighed you, to your exercise motivator-all were helpful and motivational.”

Eight months later, Gus and Kelli had lost a combined weight of 185lbs and eliminated the high blood pressure and borderline diabetes that had been troubling them.

After losing weight, the Sanders’ felt they were better examples of health for their children and found that it felt good to just be healthy again. “I’d recommend it to anyone!” Kelli said. “

For Gus, just knowing that he’ll be there for his children as they raise their own children was the most rewarding feeling he achieved. “I just wish I had done this 20 years ago.” He said.

Keep on living. Keep on inspiring. #KeepOnAmazing

Baptist Health Weight Loss Program Baptist Health’s Weight Loss Program utilizes the HMR diet – the nation’s leading research-based, physician-directed weight loss program. Within this diet, there are three programs you can choose depending on your need or lifestyle. Find out more about the program and when the next orientation will be by calling (501) 202-1877.