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Fred Hokes

For nearly thirty years, Fred Hokes has graciously given his time and talent to the Watershed Project, a charity devoted to providing basic essentials to people in need. As Director of Employee Services, he looks after a staff as though they were his family. As it turns out, taking care of his people ended up taking care of himself. 

A routine employee health screening conducted by Baptist Health revealed that Fred had symptoms related to prostate cancer. The presiding physician, Dr. Gail Reede Jones, recommended that Fred have himself checked out. And while subsequent tests revealed Fred was free of cancer, he was alerted to another serious problem: high blood pressure. 

Medicine and a few simple lifestyle changes ensured that Fred would be back where he belonged: caring for the men and women behind the good works at the Watershed Project. 

“Baptist Health helped me catch two diseases before they could get serious,” says Fred. “They saved my life.”

Keep on helping. Keep on giving. #KeepOnAmazing


Baptist Health Men’s Services

Many of the major health risk factors that men face can be prevented and treated with early detection. Baptist Health provides educational resources to help you better understand and manage illnesses, injuries and disease processes. Screenings, including those that are unique to Men’s Health, are offered at our Community Wellness Centers and Clinics. Information about our screenings can be accessed by calling Baptist Health HealthLine at 1-888-BAPTIST.