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Frankie Walker

Frankie Walker was born amazing, but not perfect. At an early age, he and his family realized that he had inherited a serious heart condition from his father – an enlarged heart that needed immediate attention.

Baptist Health implanted a pacemaker when Frankie was only 21. However, Frankie didn’t slow down. As a musician and rapper, he continued to perform on stage. But when his heart couldn’t stay in rhythm, Dr. John Ransom determined that he needed a Heartmate LVAD to assist him until a donated heart for transplant became available.

As he waits for a heart donor, Frankie continues to write lyrics and enjoy spending time with his children. “Seeing them running, jumping, and playing – that’s what keeps me going,” says Frankie. “They’re my motivation.”

Keep on persevering. Keep on encouraging. #KeepOnAmazing


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