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Find Support for You and Your Loved One at The Ginny & Bob Shell Alzheimer’s Center

Having a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease is difficult. Not only is it hard on the one struggling through the progressive disease, but it’s a constant worry for the caregiver that is responsible for them. As a caregiver it is very important to make time to take care for yourself, and to know when to ask for help from others when you need to or are simply feeling overwhelmed.

Baptist Health knows the impact Alzheimer’s can have on families and individuals and that’s one of the reasons why The Ginny & Bob Shell Alzheimer’s Center was specifically designed for the treatment and support of those dealing with the disease.

Everything inside and around The Ginny and Bob Shell Alzheimer’s Center at Parkway Village is crafted for its resident’s health and happiness during all stages of Alzheimer’s. It was dedicated in 2010 and is the only free-standing facility in Arkansas devoted specifically to those with Alzheimer’s disease. Located inside the gated community of Parkway Village, the surroundings offer a pleasant, safe environment with well-kept landscaping and security present 24-hours a day.

Additionally, the center’s staff has been trained, vetted and qualified to care for their residents’ emotional, physical, and spiritual health throughout every stage of Alzheimer’s Disease. “It takes a special person to care for people with Alzheimer’s” says Sharon Hernandez, Center Administrator, “But that’s what we have here. Very special people.”

The Alzheimer’s Center also encourages volunteering and often has church groups and organizations come by to visit with the residents and put on shows. Pet therapy is even offered, which is very popular with residents. Even though the Alzheimer’s Center is well staffed and resourced, Sharon says there is always need for the everyday things that make living with this disease more bearable. “Simple things like games or parties. It sounds like a small thing, but it’s a big deal around here.”

Activities are regularly planned, keeping things fun, exciting, and rejuvenating in the Alzheimer’s Center every week. Everyone is encouraged to socialize and pursue their favorite pleasures from singing, to crafts, to taking a leisurely walk in the relaxing courtyard. There’s even a salon and barber on staff so residents can stay stylish.

The Alzheimer’s Center not only caters to residents but also knows that families and caregivers need to be cared for as well and offers an Alzheimer’s Support Group. The support group regularly meets and offers a refreshing, compassionate environment for anyone who wants to join. For more information about joining the support group call, (501) 202-6105. Learn more about The Ginny & Bob Shell Alzheimer’s Center.