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Eric Martin

The loss of a limb is a life-changing event for anyone who experiences it. But for Eric, it wasn’t what he lost, but what he gained that had the biggest impact on his life.

A severe case of diabetes left Eric with a decision that, for most, was very difficult. He could either have his leg amputated or risk further serious complications. But due to the pain he was in, Eric’s choice was an easy one – he would lose his leg.

Immediately after the procedure, Eric was referred to the team at the Baptist Health Rehabilitation Center in North Little Rock to get him on the road to recovery. And even though his pain was gone, the reality of losing his leg presented him with a new set of challenges.

But with plenty of hard work, Eric proved that he was up for any challenge that came his way.

“When Eric left here the first time, it was in a wheelchair,” says Erica Robichaud, Eric’s rehab specialist. “But I promised him that when he got his prosthesis, after 5 days of rehab, he would roll in here and walk out that same day. And he did.”

Now Eric is back to doing all the things he did before he lost his leg. And he’s doing them all with a healthier body and a new appreciation for life. Watch video.

Keep on persevering. Keep on overcoming. #KeepOnAmazing


Baptist Health Rehabilitation Services

Individuals with a variety of diagnoses may benefit from rehabilitation services. The comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program focuses on the physical, emotional, psychological and social improvements that will help each individual patient reach their highest level of function and independence. Programs are available to benefit individuals with amputation, brain injury, and spinal cord injury, among others. 

Baptist Health Rehabilitation strives to provide a smooth transition from inpatient rehabilitation to life at home, work and the community. To continue the reinforcement of the strengths and skills that an individual acquires in the inpatient program, arrangements for outpatient therapy or home health services will be made when indicated. The professionals at Baptist Health Rehabilitation have the skills, equipment, and facilities to simulate the types of mobility situations that will challenge the patients in their homes. With fully equipped kitchens, bedrooms, living room arrangements, bathrooms with movable toilets, tubs and showers, we can create situations specific to each patient’s home setting which results in efficient training and better carry-over after discharge.