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Doris Woodson

Some people lose weight to look better in a bathing suit. Doris decided to lose weight to help her find the life she lost.

As a mother of 4 sons, Doris had plenty to live for. But by the age of 47, obesity and diabetes had taken control of her life. The combination of hypertension, hyperthyroidism and diabetes had her taking over 25 different medications a day and caused her body to be so drained that she had trouble walking down a hallway.

Finally, the breaking point came. A diabetic emergency left Doris in a coma for over 20 days. It was then she turned to Dr. Eric Paul and the specialists at the Baptist Health Bariatric Center.

After a successful bariatric procedure, Doris is now back down to a healthy weight, eating better, exercising and living a life free of the health problems she faced in the past.

“It’s impossible for me to explain how amazing it feels,” says Doris. “One moment you know you’re life is in danger. Then, they give you the life you thought you had lost back to you. It’s incredible.” 

Keep on living. Keep on inspiring. #KeepOnAmazing

Baptist Health Bariatric Center

Baptist Health’s surgical weight loss program offers a serious commitment to extending the highest level of care available for those interested in surgery for weight loss. Ongoing support, follow-up care by physicians and staff members who strive to make patients’ experiences successful are all part of Baptist Health’s dedication to our patients.

For more information on gastric bypass surgery and other types of bariatric surgery, find an upcoming weight loss surgery seminar at Baptist Health’s Bariatric Center.