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Deborah Westbrook

Deborah Westbrook and her husband had been steadily working to remodel their Pangburn home when she began having pain in her shoulder.

She shrugged it off as a sign of aging but the pain continued to worsen to the point where one day, she realized she couldn’t even lift her glass of tea.

After Deborah’s primary care physician referred her to an orthopedic specialist, Dr. David Gilliam at OrthoArkansas, it was decided immediately that her rotator cuff was completely deteriorated and she needed a total shoulder replacement.

Dr. Gilliam knew that traditional surgery replacement was not an option for Deborah because of her severely degraded rotator cuff. He felt that she would be an excellent candidate for the innovative reverse shoulder replacement surgery.

In June of 2013, Deborah had a successful reverse shoulder replacement surgery at Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock and was back to her regular activities within no time.

Deborah is once again enjoying her remodeling projects and entertaining her four grandchildren!

Keep on healing. Keep on moving. #KeepOnAmazing