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Constance Tullis

Life changed for Constance Tullis during her senior year of college when she was involved in a tragic accident.

Transported to Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock immediately, Constance stayed in a coma for several days.

When she finally awoke, she slowly began responding to stabilization. And eventually she grew strong enough to be transferred to Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute.

When Constance arrived at BHRI she couldn’t function on her own. She couldn’t walk, talk or even sit up but after weeks of intensive therapy she began to show signs of improvement.

Constance struggled during this time of healing but her therapists wouldn’t give up on her even when she wanted to.

Finally after two long months spent in BHRI, Constance was able to return home and continue her care with outpatient therapy.

It’s been two years since the accident and Constance is back to an active lifestyle and on her way to graduating with a degree in psychology. With this degree, she hopes to be able to help others who are going through emotionally difficult times.

Keep on healing. Keep on surviving. #KeepOnAmazing