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Christy Elrod

A healthy and active 38-year-old mother, Christy Elrod didn’t know why she had been experiencing back pain on and off for quite some time. When Christy’s back pain started to worsen, she sought help from her doctor and chiropractor.

Christy’s physician instructed her to use over-the-counter Aleve and modify her activities to try to address the pain. Instead of getting better, the pain continued and even worsened. At times she couldn’t turn her head and her arms would start to numb.

After struggling to treat her back pain, Christy’s physician decided it was time for more tests and admitted her to Baptist Health Medical Center in Hot Spring County. Christy was scheduled for an MRI and hospitalized for observation.

During her stay, one of Christy’s nurses asked if she had ever experienced any chest pain. Christy indicated that she hadn’t, just the excruciating back pain but the nurse followed her instinct and immediately talked to her physician who ordered an EKG. After the EKG and additional bloodwork, they learned that Christy was experiencing a heart attack and had probably been having “mini heart attacks” prior to her hospitalization.

Christy was immediately MedFlighted to Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock where she was admitted to the Coronary Intensive Care Unit. After more tests, they confirmed that Christy had 100% blockage and didn’t know how she was even functioning. The CCU team immediately proceeded with a triple valve bypass surgery.

“I credit the nurses and physicians at Baptist Health Medical Center in Hot Spring County and in Little Rock with saving my life,” said Christy. “Now I’m doing great and I’m back to the family business and being mom to Luke, Lathan and Logan!”

Keep on caring. Keep on saving. #KeepOnAmazing